? Thrombectomy Catheter
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       Thrombectomy Catheter
When our largest catheter client asked us to develop a manufacturing process, they already had an existing prototypeof their blood clot removal device.

Unfortunately, their material tolerances were incompatible with their manufacturing objectives. Our solution began by selecting new materials. We then braided crucial characteristics into catheter itself. Once the requirements were met we scaled the catheter down to 6F.

Our redesign and production lead to a successful product launch and European approval.

            Develop a manufacturing process for existing
            prototype and materials and then scale down to 6F

           Material tolerances were incompatible with objectives –
           product could not be manufactured as specified

           •  Selected new materials
           •  Braided characteristics into catheter
           •  Scaled design down to 6F

           Material science, catheter braiding, precision assembly

           Successful product launch and European approval
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