? Surgical Positioning System
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        Surgical Positioning System
Early design concepts and early production units of this multi-planer positioning system were built using metal fabrications – fast, low cost from a tooling and lead time stand point. Ultimately not cost effective for long term production.

A change eas needed to ensure future profitability and ease of assembly and use by the physician. NT staff went to work with an extensive redesign which incorporated state of the art rigid materials, slip lock connections, ease of use and adjustment.
            Develop rigid, precision, adjustable bone fixture device

            •  Complex, machined gear features too costly to be
                produced as a disposable device
            •  Required a material for autoclaving

            •  Used molded in gears
            •  Specified ultem to withstand sterilization
            •  Incorporated slip-lock connection
            •  Improved ease of use and adjustment

            Successful high value-added product with 
            long-term market leadership
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